Admission Open (2018-19) - Playgroup to Class X


Acting, dialogue delivery, emotions, expressions, make-up, costumes, camera facing, speaking on the mike and connecting yourself with the audience, all these make an actor. The Dramatics club aspires to transform our budding artists into polished actors. Students take active part in every exercise and train under the guidance of our resource person.

Warm-up :

Have students begin by walking on the spot or around the activity room with a partner while discussing their favourite physical activity, slowly increasing their speed.

Activity: Classroom Aerobics

Have students position their chairs so that they have room to stretch out their legs and sit on the edges of their chairs with straight backs. Start the music.


In this tech savvy world, we realize the role of school in making our students proficient from the day one. No profession can run in isolation as almost everything is interwoven with Information Technology. Our enthusiastic young students will be the budding professionals tomorrow, so, IT training is given keeping in mind today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

Indian Music

In our classes, children get the opportunity to listen to Indian Classical instruments like Sitar and Tabla, learn about Indian music, and sing songs based in ragas and tals. Raga Kids explore folk songs from around the world and the children engage in singing, interactive movement and musical play.

Western Dance

Dance is an all-time favourite activity of the primary students. The club acts as a platform for students who are passionate about dancing. While the resource person teaches them the steps, the teacher in charge encourages and guides them.


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