Admission Open (2018-19) - Playgroup to Class X

House System

There are four houses in the school. Students from classes I-X are alloted a Houseon admission. Each House has two House Perfects, a Senior and a junior perfect. Amember of the staff assisted by several teachers, acts as the House Warden, whois responsible for organizing the programmes and for delegating responsibilitiesand duties to the other members. Each member of the staff is attached to aHouse and is expected to co-operate in the activities and to take a personalinterest in the Academic, co ???curricular & cultural progress and welfare of thestudents in his/her House.

House meetings are held on every working Saturdays.

Points are awarded to each student throughout the year for work, games andsports. At the end of the year two Houses getting the higher number of points arerewarded running trophies as winner and runner up respectively.

In addition to this, the annual sports are organised among Houses and trophiesare awarded accordingly.


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